• I bounced around from doctor to doctor without any relief for my gastro-symptoms. Feeling desperate, I googled local nutritionists and called Maika Luongo.  She introduced me to FODMAPS and gently explained how to eliminate them at first and then to introduce them individually and carefully to identify which foods in every food group that might be causing me problems. I was skeptical. BUT, within less than a week, my symptoms were dramatically reduced. I was both thrilled beyond words and in disbelief that no doctor had taught me about this scientifically proven treatment. For months, Maika has worked with me on portion sizes and hidden culprits and I have adjusted my eating habits accordingly.  I owe my good quality of life to this expert nutritionist. My only regret is that I didn't find her years ago.

    A.L. - Palmetto Bay

  • Maika is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to make healthy and positive changes in their routine. She came to our home and interviewed our family especially my 9 year old athlete about her current eating habits, likes and dislikes and then gave us valuable tips on how to incorporate healthier choices into our lives. She gave great ideas that work for kids (even picky kids like mine). She spoke to my daughter in a way she could understand but never dumbed down the valuable insights she was providing. Totally recommend her. 

    D.M. - Doral