Initial Visit ($150)

During the initial visit, the client and dietitian will discuss any significant past medical history, current meal plan, and exercise regimen. Personal goals will also be discussed and a customized plan will be created based on your schedule, needs, and personal preferences. Initial Visits are 90 min. 


Follow Up Visits ($75)

Follow up visits are a great way to stay accountable and meet your goals. You will receive additional personalized nutrition education, plan adjustments based on progress, tools, and advice based on upcoming social and life events. Clients with the best success rate schedule weekly or bi-weekly. Follow Up Visits are 45 min. 


Phone Follow Up ($30)

Phone follow up visits are useful for those that have busy and hectic lives that want to follow up, but are unable to meet in person. This service is available to existing clients only. Phone Follow Up visits are 30 min. 


Appointment Package ($345)

Save 15% with an appointment package! Package includes 1 initial session, 3 follow up visits, and 1 phone call. 


Grocery Store Tour ($125) 

It is important to start making healthy decisions at the grocery store before bringing your groceries back home. The client and dietitian will meet at client's grocery store of choice, review different products and read nutrition labels so that the client is better equipped to make smart and healthy decisions. By the end, with some practice, the client will be able to walk in to a grocery store with ease and confidence! Grocery Store Tour sessions are 60 min. 


Kitchen Pantry Food Makeover ($125)

The dietitian and client will work together to make the kitchen a healthy environment. The dietitian will complete a full inventory of food and beverages in the client's kitchen and provide customized recommendations that will help achieve the client's personalized goals. Kitchen Pantry Food Makeover visits are 60 min.



*Insurance is not accepted at this time. Payment is due upon service. Cash, checks, Pay Pal, and Venmo are accepted*

**24 hour Cancellation Policy - appointments canceled within 24 hours of visit will be charged full amount**